Painted Ponies

The Country Pony, Heirloom Rocker, and the Shoo-fly Horse are all Hand-Crafted in Bucks County, PA and made of solid wood.

(Click on photos with the Magnifying Glass  to enlarge)


Solid walnut inlaid seat, large size- 36" rockers, 18" floor to seat, 28" floor to top of head, European design, custom painting  and personalization available.

The size of the junior Lollipop size- 28" rockers, 14" floor to top of seat,
height floor to top of head/ear 22", width 9"


Lollipop Horse - two sizes
Lollipop Mini Navy & Brown
Lollipop Horse - Two Sizes Magnifying Glass   Lollipop Junior - Navy & Brown
    $249Magnifying Glass
Pink Maxi Lollipop Horse   Turquoise Lollipop
 $399 Magnifying Glass
 $399 Magnifying Glass
Lollipop Horse   Navy & White Lollipop Horse
Blue and Green
 $399 Magnifying Glass
  Navy and White
 $399 Magnifying Glass


First Pony  

"First Pony" - $109.00

24" L x  8" W x 19"  to top of head (seat height  9")Magnifying Glass


50% off
Completely HANDCRAFTED - HANDPAINTED Stick Horse - 39" long
The substantial size makes this horse suitable for ages 3+
Orig $119   Magnifying Glass

Periwinkle Stick Horse
Stick Horse
Details of new stick horses
Stick Horse Head

Contemporary Scandinavian styled Rocking Horses

Solid wood, glossy black beauties!
32" rockers, 21" to top of head, 15" to seat, 11.5" wide.
Magnifying Glass

Cherry Blossoms Design
  Glossy Black Horse
Cherry Blossoms Design
Glossy Black w/ Lollipop Design
Black Rocking Horse in Blue   Black Rocking Horse in Pink
Grey Aqua   Kaleidoscope Grey
Grey / Pink / Aqua
Kaleidoscope Grey!
Yellwo Grey Horse
Yellow / Grey

Walking Elephant

Blue and White Walking Elephant

When is a rocking horse not a horse? When it's an elephant, silly!

Your children and grandchildren will love this delightful "walking" elephant with its side to side motion. Custom painted to match your decor.

18" x 28" x 20"
$289 Magnifying Glass

Pink Elephant

Eloise Elephant

Foldable Rocking Horse

50% off - now $109.50
Unique Foldable Rocking Horse
For small rooms- easy to collapse and store away, or take to Grandma's!
Polka Dot Pattern
size 28" x 19" x 10"
Reg $219Magnifying Glass
  Polka Dot Foldable Horse
Foldable Blue Rocking Horse
Foldable Pink Rocking Horse
Blue and Green
size 28" x 19" x 10"
$219Magnifying Glass
size 28" x 19" x 10"
$219Magnifying Glass
Light Blue Foldable Horse
Red Stripe Foldable Horse
Light Blue
size 28" x 19" x 10"
$219Magnifying Glass
Browns and Blue
size 28" x 19" x 10"
$219Magnifying Glass
size 28" x 19" x 10"
$219Magnifying Glass
Pink Folding Horse
Folding Pony
Folding Pony Outline
size 28" x 19" x 10"
$219Magnifying Glass
Foldable Rocking Horse - Folded
Line Drawing
Magnifying Glass



Grey / Aqua Rocking Horse

Pink & Gray Rocking Horse
Aqua and Grey Rocking Horse
$249 Magnifying Glass
Pink and Gray Rocking Horse
Damask Design
$249 Magnifying Glass
Blue Wooden Rocker   Eloise on Horse

Smaller  Rocking Horse to match our new Modern Rocking Chair

Size: 12" D  34" L 18" H  seat height 9"
$249Magnifying Glass


Size: 12" D  34" L 18" H  seat height 9"
$249Magnifying Glass

Fuscia Horse w Back

Periwinkle Horse w Back
Fuchsia $249Magnifying Glass
Periwinkle $249Magnifying Glass
Navy Horse
Pink and Brown Rocking Horse
Chocolate and Blues $249Magnifying Glass
Pink $249Magnifying Glass


Available in Natural or Dark Stain
Colors can be selected to match boy's or girl's preference.
Dimensions: 36" (length of rockers)
Shoo Fly Rocking Horse w Stripes

"Giddy - up!"
$399Magnifying Glass

Natural Stain
$399Magnifying Glass


"The chests arrived and they are great! The kids love them You have provided both an awesome product - excellent quality and very beautifully done - and quality service in communication and delivery! Thanks so much!"
- Deirdre, Lafayette, LA

" I received my chest yesterday.You have created yet another masterpiece! I am simply astounded at your talent. The two chests you have made for my children will last a lifetime!"
- Susan, Parkland, FL.

"We have acquired quite a collection of wonderful pieces from Painted Ponies, such as beds, rocking chairs, chests and a Shoo-Fly Rocking Horse. All the pieces are well loved and used by all our grandchildren and they are just as beautiful as the day we bought them!" - Ron & Barbara, Schooley's Mountain, NJ

"I have found that Nancy's designs are not only beautiful but of an excellent quality and very sturdy for a child."
- Pat, Colorado Springs, CO.

"All Toy Chests come with 2 saftey spring hinges so the lid will never close on little fingers!

The banner on Playtime Designs can incorporate your child's name at no additional charge." - Nancy



Painted Ponies, Ltd.

6118 Stoney Hill Rd., New Hope, PA 18938

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